Garden railways

Garden railways are model train layouts set up outdoors. Whilst G gauge is the most popular scale for garden railways, 16 mm scale has a dedicated and growing following especially in the UK. Model trains in this gauge are often live steam scale models of British narrow gauge prototypes.


G scale was created by Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk with their brand name of LGB. Until its recent bankruptcy Lehman was the major European manufacturer of G scale trains, and considered the one that really made garden railways popular. Their trains are sold as the Lehmann Gross Bahn (or "Lehmann Big Train"). Lehman Patentwerk was founded in 1881 and started producing LGB in 1968.


G scale is more correctly called "G Gauge", as the gauge of the track, 45 mm or about 1.75 inches, is the one consistency.


Some people think that the "G" in G Scale stands for Garden Scale. This is not correct but the term Garden Trains has picked up usage over the last several years in the media to describe G Scale Trains.
This video beautifully illustrates the possibities of a garden railway.



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