What are TT Gauge Train?

Different companies all over the world are manufacturing railway models and other toys related to trains. One country where this kind of business originally started is Great Britain. One specialty of theirs is the British TT Gauge. The TT Gauge is a 3mm scale that is designed to be small enough to be built even on top of a table, hence the name “TT” which stands for “table top.” Three Millimetre Society, a British group that is open to everyone who makes models of railways that measure 3 mm, was established in 1965. The number one goal of this group is to encourage people to work on the scale. It also makes a quarterly magazine and assists with the production of locomotives, stock kits, secondhand items and spare parts.
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TT Gauge Scale Conversion Chart Model Railway Hobby #1008

TT Gauge Scale Conversion Chart  Model Railway Hobby #1008

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TT Gauge Train

German company Tillig and Slovenian company Mehano are just two of the large companies worldwide who are continuously producing models of the 3mm TT Gauge. Peresvet, a Russian manufacturer, is also one of the big companies, but they specialize more on Russian prototypes. Tillig is the top manufacturer of these scales and gauges. They give standard railroad models and a roadbed track model based on the Kato’s Unijoiner system. Roco, another company, tried starting a business much like this but failed to get profits in the end. Currently, all their products are sold by means of the Tillig Company. Two companies, the Fleischmann and Arnold, were considered as one-hit wonders. They made TT products but have not made any developed products since. Piko is the most recent huge company to join the team of TT manufacturers.

British TT scales are currently being produced by Scale Model Railways. They update GEM and BEC TT kits along with a range of quality body kits.

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