H0 Train Model Trains, the Most Popular of Them All

Any railway modeler, a term for model railway hobbyist, would say that the most popular among the railway models in existence are the H0 gauge trains. The character after the letter “H” should be the number zero. However, it is also commonly written as capital letter “O” instead of zero. H0 gauge trains got its name due to its scale. Its scale of 1:87 is already approximately half of the zero scale, thus the name H0. Ironically however, even if the name is H and zero, it is pronounced as “aitch-oh” not “aitch-zero”. The H0 gauge train’s scale per foot is 3.5 mm to 1 foot, a scale ratio of 1:87. Its gauge is 16.5 mm and its prototype is standard gauge.
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MÄRKLIN H0 7251 1 unterlegen Plate 3 mm First Class

MÄRKLIN H0 7251 1 unterlegen Plate 3 mm First Class

Price: £1.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 35m
MÄRKLIN H0 3095 Steam Locomotive BR 74 701 MINT Certified

MÄRKLIN H0 3095 Steam Locomotive BR 74 701 MINT Certified

Price: £56.16 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 35m

H0 gauge trains

The H0 gauge trains were first produced in 1930s in UK. It was supposed to be 00 gauge alternative. It however cannot overtake the then very popular 00 gauge. It was a different story however in the U.S. The H0 became quite popular in the 1950s in the United States as the railway models were started to be seen as a hobby more than just a toy. It was well liked because its small size allowed modelers to fit in it more scale miles and details than the then equally popular 0 gauge or 0 scale. Beginning 1960s, H0 has already taken over 0 gauge in terms of popularity that more manufacturers have started producing this model.

At present, the H0 gauge trains are the most well-liked railroad model both in North America and Europe, except Great Britain where the 00 gauge is still the model of choice.

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